Supporting education in the Solukhumbu/Everest region of Nepal

Building high quality, earthquake resistant classrooms including sanitation facilities and resources.

Teacher sponsorship including ongoing professional development and training.

Running initiatives, particularly around menstrual health, to support girls to attend school with confidence.

Classrooms in the Clouds

We work with our Nepalese partners to support education by:

Building high quality classrooms, sponsoring teachers, supporting teacher training and encouraging employment of female teachers.  Working in partnership with local Nepalese communities and international partners.

Building Classrooms

Our projects include building high quality, earthquake resistant classrooms. Working in partnership with local communities to provide sustainable solutions. Read More

Teacher Sponsorship

Providing teacher sponsorship with ongoing training and support to deliver high quality learning opportunities and act of catalysts of change. Read more

Gender Equality

Empowering women and girls to continue education, breaking down barriers and creating supportive, gender friendly school communities.  Read more

Make a Donation

All donations directly support CITC’s important project work at grassroots level to improve educational outcomes for children in Nepal

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CITC so far…

  • Has built 70 classrooms, meeting earthquake resistant standards
  • Sponsors 25 female teachers, providing ongoing professional development
  • Provides menstrual health training and improves hygiene facilities, empowering women and girls to stay in education
  • Provides clean water and gender specific toilets
  • Benefits over 5,500 children every year
  • 90% of all donations are spent at grassroots level

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Classrooms In The Clouds
Classrooms In The Clouds
We are collecting rhymes to say and sing in our ECED (Early Years) classrooms and would love it if you could share yours with us here. Thank you.
Classrooms In The Clouds
Classrooms In The Clouds
Classrooms In The Clouds
The Grade 3 students at Shree Kanku have been investigating the components of soil 🧐 CITC sponsored teacher Manisha began by taking them on a field trip to identify the types of land in their surroundings before conducting experiments on soil samples. They were then able to confidently answer the questions in their workbooks #ActiveLearning #HandsOn #Outdoors #Science #EducationNepal
Classrooms In The Clouds
Classrooms In The Clouds
CITC sponsored teacher Sadhana at Shree Garma has been discussing the significance of Women’s Day with her students. They were keen to share their ideas of how to help make an equal society for women and girls and draw pictures to illustrate them ♀️ They have enjoyed seeing their work displayed on the weekly display board #IWD2023 #genderequality #EducationNepal
Classrooms In The Clouds
Classrooms In The Clouds
🎉Happy International Women’s Day! 🎉 ♀️
CITC helps to empower women and girls to continue education in rural Nepal, sponsoring female teachers who act as strong role models for girls, building gender specific toilets and supporting girls with menstrual health training and reusable kits, meaning they can attend school with confidence and reach their learning potential. #InternationalWomensDay #IWD2023 #GirlsinEducation #EducationNepal
Classrooms In The Clouds
Classrooms In The Clouds
Classrooms In The Clouds
🎉The 6 new Early Years classrooms at Shree Janata school have been officially opened!🎉 A joyous ceremony was attended by the school and wider local community, along with CITC trustees and officials from the rural Municipality. The provisions also include gender specific toilets, clean, safe water, furniture and learning resources. Read more about Shree Janata

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